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Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses are a classic complement in any garden; formal or cottage. They combine beautifully with Clematis, too! Please note: We do not offer field grown, grafted roses. All of our roses are on their own roots and are shipped in the pots in which they are grown. See About Our Plants on the left for more information.
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  1. Eden Rose

    Eden Rose


    Eden is an extremely popular climber known for vigor, bloom and disease resistance. The classic looks and solid hardiness are sure to please. Plant a bit of paradise in your yard this year! WFRS Learn More
  2. Zephirine Drouhin Rose

    Zephirine Drouhin Rose


    Beautiful repeat bloomer that tolerates shadier conditions than other roses and poor soils. The fragrance is absolutely wonderful with a mix of traditional rose and citrus. Very fragrant and nearly thornless! Learn More
  3. New Dawn Rose

    New Dawn Rose


    New Dawn Rose has many clusters of pastel pink flowers beginning in spring and repeating all summer and into fall! Learn More
  4. Joseph's Coat Rose

    Joseph's Coat Rose


    Rich, orange-red buds open to a spray of golden yellow tapering to pinkish orange-red. Joseph's Coat Rose has long been a favorite of ours for its brilliant, unrivaled color, repeat bloom and disease resistance. This compact climber can also be trained as a shrub and will continue to delight either way. Blooms start as red buds and open to an array of red, orange gold and bright butter-yellow. They hold well on the erect stems for garden display or as a cut flower. The plant tolerates a wide range of conditions and even performs well in the hot, humid southeast! Learn More
  5. Cherokee Rose

    Cherokee Rose


    Cherokee Rose is a beautiful and easy rose for the south, where it graces gardens with very fragrant white flowers in spring. The glossy, evergreen foliage is also highly disease resistant. Cherokee Rose, Rosa laevigata, is the state flower of Georgia. Learn More
  6. Lady Banks Rose

    Lady Banks Rose


    Rosa banksiae Lutea has clusters of double pastel yellow flowers in early spring. A thornless rambler with long elegant canes, Lady Banks Rose is easy to prune and train or it can be allowed to wander freely in a shrub or tree. Learn More
  7. Crepuscule Rose

    Crepuscule Rose


    Crepuscule is a classic Noisette rose with butterscotch buds opening to buff flowers all summer long. Nearly thornless, too! Dubreuil, France, 1904. Learn More
  8. Seven Sisters Climbing Rose

    Seven Sisters Climbing Rose


    Seven Sisters, also called Grevillei Climbing Rose, is named for the clusters of small but deeply fragrant flowers that develop 7 colors through their maturity; often with each color seen on a cluster at once! The colors are said to be purple, scarlet, red, lighter red, pink, light pink and white. In our opinion the beauty of Seven Sisters isn't in counting the colors but enjoying the rich fragrance and the easy care nature of this hybrid. It isn't a repeater, but makes a great show! Try growing it with a viticella hybrid like Clematis Polish Spirit for color later in the season. Learn More
  9. Sombreuil Rose

    Sombreuil Rose


    A beautiful white Tea-Noisette with buds that open to interesting flat flowers. The foliage is deep, glossy green and disease resistant. The plant is a steady repeat bloomer with the petals falling cleanly off the spent flowers. Said to be named for the daughter of the Comte de Sombreuil who saved him from a certain death in prison at the time of the French Revolution. Makes a fine cut flower, too. Robert, France 1850. Learn More
  10. Rosa setigera

    Rosa setigera


    A great native climber for your garden with excellent hardiness, disease resistance and beautiful, fragrant flowers! Learn More
  11. Graham Thomas Rose

    Graham Thomas Rose


    An excellent performer with plenty of golden yellow flowers repeating all summer. Vigorous and healthy with a fruit fragrance you'll love! Learn More
  12. Sally Holmes Climbing Rose

    Sally Holmes Climbing Rose


    Large clusters of peachy buds open to creamy-white blooms and give this climber an almost hydrangea-like look. Disease resistant and a heavy bloomer, too! Winner of several Garden Merit Awards. Learn More
  13. Westerland Rose

    Westerland Rose


    An excellent newer hybrid with nearly constant blooms all summer and into the fall. Westerland has flowers in clusters of 5 to 10 backed by deep green, healthy foliage. The flowers open and mature through a brilliant mix of red, orange, pink yellow and amber. A very fruity scent rounds out the appeal of this hardy and disease resistant rose. Try growing it with a purple Clematis for a really great show! Learn More
  14. The Charlatan Climbing Rose

    The Charlatan Climbing Rose


    The Charlatan Rose is unique in its simplicity yet stunning with soft pink petals under large golden stamens with the most amazing, iridescent pink filaments holding them. Highly disease resistant and can bloom from spring to fall! Learn More
  15. Compassion Climbing Rose

    Compassion Climbing Rose


    Delicate pink buds open to apricot and fade to butter yellow. Compassion Rose is worth having just for its subtle, elegant beauty and its enchanting fragrance makes it perfect for planting near a patio, gate or open window. It is an upright climber with sturdy thick stems, so pruning and training are a breeze. Also known as Rosa Belle de Londres. Learn More
  16. Rosa Cecile Brunner

    Rosa Cecile Brunner

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    Wonderful classic rose! Rosa Cecile Brunner, or Sweetheart Rose, is covered in small light pink flowers in early summer that are perfect for delicate arrangements or boutonni. Learn More
  17. Veilchenblau Rose

    Veilchenblau Rose


    Veilchenblau Rose is unique in color (yes, it really is that purple-blue!), this climber blooms in late spring in large clusters on nearly thornless stems! Learn More
  18. Anemone Rose

    Anemone Rose


    Pink Cherokee Rose. A very nice pink flowering hybrid of the beloved Cherokee Rose. Tall, arching stems bear single pink blooms in profusion very early in the season. A great landscape plant for the south, we've seen it grown beautifully in the cool main conservatory at Longwood Gardens. Learn More
  19. Winner's Circle Rose

    Winner's Circle Rose


    A dark red climbing rose from the breeder of the Knockout Rose line! Bill Radler has developed several delicious climbers and they're all solid performers but this is the first with flowers just like the original Knockout. This is a heavy bloomer with rich red color for your garden all summer long and pretty hips over burgundy fall foliage late in the year. Learn More
  20. Leontine Gervais Rose

    Leontine Gervais Rose


    A very popular rambler; easy to grow and wonderfully fragrant. Copper-red buds open to pink and fade to cream in the heat. Learn More
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