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Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses are a classic complement in any garden; formal or cottage. They combine beautifully with Clematis, too! Please note: We do not offer field grown, grafted roses. All of our roses are on their own roots and are shipped in the pots in which they are grown. See About Our Plants on the left for more information.
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    New Dawn Climbing Rose

    New Dawn Climbing Rose

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    New Dawn Rose has many clusters of pastel pink flowers beginning in spring and repeating all summer and into fall! Learn More
  2. Zephirine Drouhin Rose

    Zephirine Drouhin Rose


    Beautiful repeat bloomer that tolerates shadier conditions than other roses and poor soils. The fragrance is absolutely wonderful with a mix of traditional rose and citrus. Very fragrant and nearly thornless! Learn More
  3. Raspberry Cream Twirl Rose

    Raspberry Cream Twirl Rose


    Large, exhibition-quality blooms are violet pink splashed and striped with cool white. A robust and disease-resistant plant and vigorous grower with dark green, very glossy foliage and flowers throughout the season. Learn More
  4. Cherokee Rose

    Cherokee Rose


    Cherokee Rose is a beautiful and easy rose for the south, where it graces gardens with very fragrant white flowers in spring. The glossy, evergreen foliage is also highly disease resistant. Cherokee Rose, Rosa laevigata, is the state flower of Georgia. Learn More
  5. Sally Holmes Climbing Rose

    Sally Holmes Climbing Rose


    Large clusters of peachy buds open to creamy-white blooms and give this climber an almost hydrangea-like look. Disease resistant and a heavy bloomer, too! Winner of several Garden Merit Awards. Learn More
  6. Crepuscule Rose

    Crepuscule Rose


    Crepuscule is a classic Noisette rose with butterscotch buds opening to buff flowers all summer long. Nearly thornless, too! Dubreuil, France, 1904. Learn More
  7. Garden Sun Climbing Rose

    Garden Sun Climbing Rose


    Large golden apricot blooms all summer long. Clean disease-resistant foliage. Learn More
  8. Pink Cherokee Rose

    Pink Cherokee Rose


    Rosa Anemone. A very nice pink flowering hybrid of the beloved Cherokee Rose. Tall, arching stems bear single pink blooms in profusion very early in the season. A great landscape plant for the south, we've seen it grown beautifully in the cool main conservatory at Longwood Gardens. Learn More
  9. Albertine Rose

    Albertine Rose


    Albertine Rose is a hybrid Wichurana that has lacy double pink blooms tinged with apricot. Delightfully fragrant flowers cover the plant in early summer. Learn More
  10. Cancan Rose

    Cancan Rose


    Cancan is a low maintenance climber from Bill Radler and Star Roses that will bloom continuously in shades of magenta, pink and cream. Add super disease resistance and you're going to dance with happiness when you grow Cancan! The rose's name was inspired by the colorful multiple layer dresses females wore while dancing the Cancan in a chorus line. Learn More
  11. Climbing Iceberg Rose

    Climbing Iceberg Rose


    Wonderful, pure white flowers abound on this rose in early summer followed by sporadic repeats all summer. A mildly sweet fragrance accompanies each bloom. Learn More
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