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Lonicera Harlequin

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This variegated selection of Lonicera periclymenum has soft pink and cream flowers rather than the bright rose and yellow of the species. Harlequin's blue-green foliage is highlighted with creamy white and provides a lovely background for the pink flowers.

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blooming seasonsummer
ZonesZone 4 - Zone 8
Light Requirementfull sun, partial shade
flower colorpink, white
Height10 to 15 ft.
Lonicera periclymenum Harlequin Honeysuckle.

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All of our Honeysuckles are grown right here at our nursery in north Georgia. They are all grown from cuttings. This assures that you will get a healthy plant that is true to name. 

Each plant will be fully rooted in a true quart size pot with a label and 18" stake as pictured. When your plants arrive, you'll find them packed carefully with natural materials and individually wrapped. The stake is used to protect the plant in transit and may be removed when planting.

We grow many different varieties of Lonicera and they will not all look the same when they arrive. Some varieties have small leaves and several branches at this size. Others may only have a few sets of leaves due to their habit of growth. We prune our plants regularly for their health here at the nursery and to promote branching in the garden so occasionally some plants may be shorter than others when they arrive. This will not affect their ability to adapt to their new home in your garden.

Please note: We do not offer any Honeysuckles known to be invasive.

Brushwood takes the time to prepare and ship your plants very carefully. We have successfully shipped thousands of plants all over the continental United States every year for over a decade. For terms and methods of shipment, please see the Shipping information page on the left.

Since we ship such a wide variety of plants to such diverse climates, we ask our customers to choose their delivery date. During checkout, you will select a date suitable to your needs and climate conditions. As such, you will be responsible for choosing an appropriate time to plant in your area. Help is offered at checkout for the selection of a good date for your zone but please consider your individual garden when choosing. Every garden is different. For early spring orders it is important to understand that our plants are not shipped fully dormant and most will be frost tender. Please use the delivery guide at checkout.

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