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Native Vines

Many of our vines are native to the U.S. We've gathered them here from other categories for your convenience.
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  1. Clematis pitcheri

    Clematis pitcheri


    Bell shaped flowers adorn this lovely native from summer into fall. A delicate and long-lasting cut flower, it also works well on a patio or weaving through a tall perennial border. Learn More
  2. Rosa setigera

    Rosa setigera


    A great native climber for your garden with excellent hardiness, disease resistance and beautiful, fragrant flowers! Learn More
  3. Ampelaster carolinianus

    Ampelaster carolinianus


    Climbing Aster (or Walking Aster) will take on a fence without hesitation or let it scramble around through and over your perennial border. Great rosy pink flowers are nice in fall. Prune as desired. Learn More
  4. Bignonia Dragon Lady

    Bignonia Dragon Lady


    Wow! I mean wow! This is a beautiful selection of Crossvine with all the great growth and ease of care you find in the species. Add the rich ruby red flowers in spring and you can't go wrong! Prune as desired. Learn More
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