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Passion Flowers

Passion Flowers are some of the most generous vines around. With daily blooms over a long season and colors to delight the senses, they are a must-have plant for every gardener. Even folks in cold climates can grow them since many make great houseplants!
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  1. Passiflora incarnata

    Passiflora incarnata


    A sturdy and hardy perennial vine from the southeastern United States. Incarnata yields plenty of pale lavender flowers all summer and edible oval fruits into fall. Grows well on well-drained, poor soil. The fruit is great for jam or pies! Learn More
    Passiflora incarnata Alba

    Passiflora incarnata Alba


    The strikingly beautiful pure white form of the native Passion Flower found in the eastern United States. In its northern reaches, it benefits from a warm sunny location to get it going and flowering quickly. Vigorous in all locations and can pop up around the garden from underground runners. Capable of producing hundreds of flowers and fruits each year. The fruit is edible and tasty as a jam or in other recipes. Mostly herbaceous, just clean up the dead stems in winter and mulch for winter protection. Learn More
  3. Passiflora Silly Cow

    Passiflora Silly Cow


    Brand new to the US, an excellent and vigorous vine loaded with large flowers and healthy foliage. A RIVERSIDE Hybrid! Learn More
    Passiflora Star of Surbiton

    Passiflora Star of Surbiton


    Star of Surbiton boasts loads of flowers that last longer than similar hybrids! Each bloom is up to 5 inches across and displays flat and clean for a beautiful vine. Try it in a hanging basket, too! Learn More
  5. Passiflora Betty Myles Young

    Passiflora Betty Myles Young


    Vigorous and very free flowering hybrid from Myles Irvine who is known for composting any but the very best of his seedling crosses. This special hybrid is named for his mother. Learn More
  6. Passiflora caerulea

    Passiflora caerulea


    Striking flowers followed by orange fruits. Edible, but best in recipes. Responds differently in varying climates. In colder areas, may be deciduous or herbaceous; returning in spring. Evergreen in warmer climates. Learn More
  7. Passiflora Berkeley

    Passiflora Berkeley


    Early flowers are pure white while later blooms show a flush of blue in the corona. Very pretty and easy to grow! Learn More
  8. Passiflora sexocellata

    Passiflora sexocellata


    Spectacular, long leaves resembling a bat in flight are thick and waxy deep green. The flowers are small (1"), but the fruits are a deep purple color! Virtually pest free and makes a great houseplant! Learn More
  9. Passiflora sanguinolenta

    Passiflora sanguinolenta


    This is a fun smaller Passiflora for tropical and subtropical landscapes. Up north, it is suited to container growing. Just bring it inside for the winter months. Medium green, lobed leaves form a backdrop for hundreds of 2 inch flowers all summer long. While the name suggests red, they are actually a nice fully pink color. Can take frosts but best grown with a minimum of 45f. Learn More
  10. Passiflora Clear Sky

    Passiflora Clear Sky


    This is an excellent new hybrid that's a complex multiple cross of caerulea and some of its hybrids which has resulted in a larger, stronger plant with bigger, beefier flowers. We were suspicious of the claims until we saw it first hand. The improvement is substantial and will make a greater impact in a garden or house plant setting. The flowers are up to 5 inches across and it can bloom all summer. Learn More
  11. Passiflora Chambord

    Passiflora Chambord


    Chambord is a new hybrid with great color and fragrance. Suitable for container culture or in warm climate gardens. Learn More
  12. Passiflora Blue Bouquet

    Passiflora Blue Bouquet


    Passiflora Blue Bouquet is a newer, complex hybrid with lots of caerulea and some amethystina. It blooms profusely and reliably with shades of lavender and dark purple. Tolerates a wide range of temperature conditions and may be much hardier than listed. Learn More
  13. Passiflora vitifolia

    Passiflora vitifolia


    Brilliant bright red flowers on an easy, everblooming vine with dusky green leaves. Just amazing up close or far away! Learn More
  14. Passiflora Allardii

    Passiflora Allardii


    A delicious fragrance greets you with many open blooms at once on this classic hybrid. Rarely offered, Allardii has one of the sweetest scents of all Passion Flowers. Learn More
  15. Passiflora citrina

    Passiflora citrina


    Passiflora citrina has bright yellow flowers by the dozens all year long! Grows well in the ground or in containers. Learn More
  16. Passiflora trifasciata

    Passiflora trifasciata


    This species from Brazil, Ecuador and Peru is nearly unequaled for foliage color! The three lobed leaves have central markings of light green and pink over a dark green base. The underside of the foliage gets a rich purple hue, too! This and its diminutive size make it a great choice for hanging baskets. The vine isn't shy to flower either with a steady procession of cute little white flowers throughout the growing season. This vine is a great choice for those who live in colder climates and want to bring their plant in for the winter. Just keep it in a sunny window until the weather warms up again. Learn More
  17. Passiflora x belotii

    Passiflora x belotii


    Belotii is a classic hybrid with plenty of 4 to 5 inch colorful flowers. It can bloom year-round! Learn More
  18. Passiflora mooreana

    Passiflora mooreana


    This is a great little passiflora for a container or small trellis. It also works in a hanging basket. The blue-gray foliage is excellent in combination with colors of other flowers in a mixed planting. Its size and adaptability make it a great choice as a houseplant or just bring it inside for the winter! Learn More
  19. Passiflora Anastasia

    Passiflora Anastasia


    A wonderful everblooming hybrid with rich pink petals and white-tipped filaments. Anastasia is a real standout! Learn More
  20. Passiflora Kew Gardens

    Passiflora Kew Gardens


    Passiflora Kew Gardens is usually identified as Passiflora x kewensis referring to an old hybrid that is most likely not the current plant found in commerce. As a result we are following the new, accepted name that still honors the world class botanical garden in Great Britain. The vine itself is quite handsome with glossy, leathery foliage that withstands abuse. It is topped by a profusion of pastel pink flowers with white filaments. Learn More
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