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Fragrant Clematis and More!

You heard that right, Clematis that rival Gardenias with their perfume are here at Brushwood thanks to the breeding of Ton Hannink and this year’s introduction of his Sugar-Sweet varieties. Sugar-Sweet Blue is shown below.

Passiflora Clear Sky is vivid and vigorous:

For a special place, try Clematis Special Occasion!

We offer plenty of other climbers, too! Butterflies love Pseudogynoxsys chenopodioides! (They can't pronounce it either!)

Asian Jasmine can be a delight even when it's out of bloom! Here's Trachelospermum Nagaba by our little pond with plenty of complimentary colors and highlights.

Ampelaster carolinianus is known for drought tolerance and easy care. It adds color to the garden very late in the season!

"Hi gardening fans! Christmas has come in March! Yes, finally I get to open a box! The plants came in wonderful condition. They were ready to jump out of the pot and into the garden. Clematis are called"The Queen of Vines" and as I'm only a "Diva" I saw immediately that these choice ladies were going to grow and give me hours of pleasure watching them in the garden. Some of them are deliciously fragrant

and I have to plant them near the house to get my fix of fragrance. The next time you need a couple of very beautiful vines in your garden talk to Dan at and you too can enjoy a non-stop treat."

Stephanie Cohen

"The Perennial Diva"